How to Make ” Bánh Bèo”

How to make Vietnamese little steam rice cakes – Bánh Bèo Ingredients: “Banh Beo Flour” 3 Golden Bell dried shrimp, mung bean, cooking oil shallot, scallion, white pepper, salt, white granulated sugar, warm water Directions to make Vietnamese little steam rice cakes: Flour mixing:  banh beo flour (brand: 3 golden bell), warm water, mix, leave there 2+ hrs … Read more

How to Make “Bánh Da Lợn”

Steamed Layer Cakes with Mung Bean Paste Filling – Bánh Da Lợn To make light sweetened steamed rice cake with mung bean paste filling and pandan flavor, we need Ingredients: mung bean, tapioca flour, rice flour, granulated white sugar, coconut milk, water, salt, water, pandan juice or pandan food color Directions: For the mung bean, soak it overnight.  Drain the water. Rinse it in the … Read more