How to Make Flan

How to make flan? Ingredients: For flan, we need to have milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla and rum wine. For caramel, we need to have sugar and room temperature water. Directions: To make the caramel-coated, Pot = sugar + water.  Cook with the low heat.  When the sugar is dissolved and turns to golden brown color, turn of the … Read more

How to Make “Bánh Khoai Mì Nướng”

Steamed Yuca/Cassave Cake with Coconut Flakes… Bánh Khoai Mì Nướng Ingredients: sugar, coconut milk, frozen grated yuca, dried coconut or coconut flake, tapioca starch, salt Preparation: Cleaning the grated yuca to remove any toxic from the yuca. Leave yuca outside allowing defrost. A large bowl = defrost yuca (done in step 1) + water = Mix well and leave there … Read more

How to Make “Bánh Cookies”

How to make butter cookies – Bánh Cookies Ingredients: butter, sugar, salt, egg orange juice, almond extract, All Purpose flour Cooking utensils: mixing machine measuring cup measuring spoon baking tray cooking sheet oven How to make butter cookies: mixing machine, add butter (8 oz, room temperature), sugar, mix while mixing, add salt… add 1 egg … orange … Read more