How to make deep fried ice cream banana

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How to make fried banana (ice cream banana/blue java) – Cách làm chuối chiên: “Chuoi Chien – Uyen Thy’s Cooking”

Here is a summary what I have learned “Chuoi Chien – Uyen Thy’s Cooking”.


  • ice cream banana (blue java banana or Thai banana),
  • 1 package of tempura batter mixed flour(3 Cloches Dorees Brand),
  • 2 tablespoons sugar,
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt,
  • 1 1/2 cups water,

How to deep-fried ice cream vanilla?

  1. Big bowl = flour + sugar + salt + water = MIX well
  2. Leave there couple hours or overnight
  3. Prepare banana = remove the skin + cut in halve + flatten a little bit by a knife + place in step #1
  4. Prepare frying oil = a pan + cooking oil = COOK at low-medium temperature for 15 minutes.
    Add mixed banana from step 1 combined with step #3 (add one by one)
    FRY until golden 1 side and then turn to another side = TAKE it out.


  • Don’t cover banana with flour too thick flour when placing it in the oil pan.

Nguyên liệu để chiên chuối theo kiểu chị Uyên Thy

Chuối sứ / chuối xiêm
1 bịt bột chiên tôm và chuối (hiệu 3 Cloches Dorees Brand)
2 muỗng canh đường
1/2 muỗng muối
1/2 cup nước lạnh

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