Pickled Mustard Greens… Dưa Cải

Ingredients: mustard greens (2 large broad-stemmed) shallots (2 roots) water (2 litters) salt (2 tablespoons) granulated sugar (4 tablespoons) How to make Vietnamese pickled mustard greens? Preparing shallots – remove the skins – wash and cut them into halves or third or fourth Preparing mustard greens – clean and wash mustard green leafs through water – … Read more


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Alibaba IPO (VOA)

VOA Learning English:  Economic Report http://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PL6FA614EF0CB2AD82 Alibaba IPO (VOA) – youtube.com/embed/Y_FBwbjnJWw The video is about Alibaba which is a popular trading website on the world. It processes above 80% of China trading.  Now Alibaba offers stocks to investor in the USA.  According the news, the offering stock shares to the public today is about 12% of … Read more

World Cup 2014 Final

World Cup 2014 at Brazil World Cup 2014 Final Germany vs. Argentina Where can we get information about World Cup 2014? Here are some sites have great news about World Cup 2014: Live – youtube.com/watch?v=FS5SHi0GzpM Articles (Germany vs Argentina) – sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/germany-argentina-12143 Articles (soccer / World Cup) – sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup Who was the winner of World Cup 2014 … Read more