VOA Vietnamese

VOA Vietnamese news where you’ll get news in Vietnamese language.  It also has learning English program where you can learn English with Vietnamese explanation; we think it has learning English by radio and YouTube videos.  They also have a valuable program which is questions and answers about health related. This program is very attractive and … Read more

RFA Vietnamese

RFA Vietnamese is a part of RFA (Radio Free Asia).  RFA Vietnamese delivery news to Vietnamese people around the world like headline news, news about Vietnam, political news, magazine news, human right news, society, documentary, multimedia, blog, articles from the readers, worldwide news, world cup 2014, … RFA News in Vietnamese A lot of Vietnamese around … Read more

Nguoi Viet Magazine

Nguoi Viet is a Vietnamese magazine which the headquarter is located in California where many Vietnamese settled down after Saigon falling 1975. We believe it’s largest Vietnamese magazine in the United States. As of July 8, 2014, Nguoi Viet magazine website has the following sections: news, word cup 2014, entertainment, lifestyle, travels, sports, youth, forum, … Read more


Đài SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network, Garden Grove, California, U.S.A.) SBTN is a Vietnamese American television network which is located in the State of California and has many affiliate sites like SBTN DC, SBTN Houston, SBTN Toronto, SBTN Australia,… SBTN California in Vietnamese Here are some latest news in Vietnamese which you might interest: We’re … Read more