How to Make “Cá Kho Tộ”

How to make braised fish in claypot… Cách làm cá kho tộ Braised Fish in Claypot A Traditional Vietnamese Dish Ingredients: Fish – anabas testudineus/the climbing perch from the rice field – If you don’t have this type of fish, you can substitute to any fish you like likes snakeheads, catfish, basa, salmon,… however, its tasting is far … Read more

How to Make Vietnamese “Bánh Cuốn”

Pan Fried Rice Flour Cake… Bánh Cuốn Tráng Chảo Ingredients: steamed rice rolls flour, water, pork, dried shrimp, onion, wood ear, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, pepper, salt, cooking oil, fried fish paste, chili sauce, cucumber, cilantro, mints, bean sprouts, limes, How? Flour preparing Get a large bowl. Add a bag of steamed rice rolls flour + water by flour’s manufacturer instruction.  Mix well and … Read more

How to Make Flan

How to make flan? Ingredients: For flan, we need to have milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla and rum wine. For caramel, we need to have sugar and room temperature water. Directions: To make the caramel-coated, Pot = sugar + water.  Cook with the low heat.  When the sugar is dissolved and turns to golden brown color, turn of the … Read more

How to Make “Bánh Canh Bột Gạo Lức Tôm Cua”

Bánh Canh Bột Gạo Lức Tôm Cua ~ Shrimp & Crab Brown Rice Udon Soup Before going to the detail, probably many people don’t know what is udon, so I enclosed a link which has hundreds of images relates to udon. Here is the link – Images of the udon –  If you don’t … Read more