Best Cooling Fans To Try in the Summer

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Summer is here, hot, hot, hot… Does anyone need a fan to cool down or for more air circulate inside your AC* home environment?

I heard a lot of people say that turning on a fan inside the house makes the cool air move around so making less stress to your AC system which means it runs less on energy… and then make your pocket spending less $ at the end of the month on your electric bill which sometimes is a nightmare to someone because of a surprising bill. I’m not really sure about less electric usage because I forgot to keep track of it most of the time so then I said forget about it. For sure, people who live without AC will need fans. Whoever needs a fan, I retrieve some fans for you to check it out. After searching and my own analysis (in my head), I got some for you here. I think they are not too expensive for most of us and might be cheaper comparing to other fancy fans. Not bad trying one. Here are them. Let me go from less expensive fans to the most expensive fans which I chose to review. Actually, I own them too.

Unboxing Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Black, Small

Vornado Flippi V8 Personal Oscillating Air Circulator Fan,, as I known they has only one color (black).

This fan is not bad, small but power as I experienced. It is the same as most of other fans, 6 ft power cord lenght, 120V/60HZ Volt/Hertz. Beside that, it has 2 speed settings, oscillates, 2.94 pounds weight, 6.81 x 5.8 x 8.63 inches dimension LxWxH, button control as controller type, glossy finish type, tabletop mounting type, indoor/outdoor usage, maual power source, table fan electric, ASIN # B000YKH0AE, Item modle number CR1-0095-06, plastic fabric type, hand wipe clean as material car instructions, no assembly required, no batteries required an 3 year limited warranty… Go to for more and more information.

Vornado 460 Small Whole Room Air Circulator Fan with 3 Speeds, 460-Small, It is also has 2 colors (black & white). The black color Vornado fan is more expensive.

This model has 2 different types of colors – one is black which was around for a while I think, another is white. Here is its description: 70 ft max distance, 3 speed settings, mechanical controls, 4.3 lbs weight, 11.2 inches height, 9.7 inches width, 8.9 inches depth, 120V/60HZ Voltz/Hertz, 6 ft power cord length, no Alexa enabled voice control, tabletop mounting type, indoor usage, button control as controller type, matte finish type, 63 watts wattage, 8.9×9.7×11.25 inches dimensions, China as country of origin, 5 years warranty, no batteries required, ASIN # B01BF3XYMQ, item model # CR1-0253-43, hand wipe clean as material care instructions… For more information about this fan, check it out at

Here are some picture about this fan.

I will add more fan information when I find a great one as I feel. I own those above fans I mentioned, they are so far not so bad. When I bought them at the prices of $49.99 for Vornado 460, $24.99 for Vornado Flippi V8 and $16.99 for Honeywell HT-900. At that time Vornado 460 Black was $59.99, so I picked the white one which was cheaper $10 plus tax. Honeywell HT-900 has white color model too, but I bought a black color fan which seems been around for a while.

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*AC – air conditioner

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